Hello! Thank you for visiting me here. 

I am a photographer. It is not my day job and took me a long time to feel I had any right to the title, but it is me. When I dreamt of a space where I could share my images, the contemplation around how to do this led me to reflect that during my life two passions have triggered and motivated me. 

A passion for photographing. The impulse to capture and savour moments has always been there, boxes of photographs are nearly all I truly believe is worth carrying from decade to decade. I used photography as a teenager and traveling young adult to enable the joy of remembering, and then as a mother to hold onto the now, to freeze time which uncontrollably runs away from you when nurturing children. During these times my choices and eyes behind the lens developed, and now, as my children begin to find independence I understand the extent to which both photographing and appreciating photography fulfils me. My photographing evolved into being a part of who I am and now is extending into me wanting to tell the wider stories in the world around me.

The other passion I recognised as what drove me was, and is, a desire to experience. My only clear and unquestioned desire as I approached adulthood was an interest in other countries and the desire to travel. To see, taste, smell and feel what different lands and cultures were like and to meet people who's worlds were different to mine.  This inherent wanderlust and curiosity still shapes and motivates my life choices now, although as times have changed and our planets' story has evolved, so has my consciousness shifted and with that has the moments and stories I feel compelled to capture or tell. 

And so here I am...a photographer of places, people and human stories.  It enriches my experience of life and I want to share some of that here as I create it.

I am curious, excited and open to see where my photography may take me. 

For more information on any of my images, to collaborate, hire or just say hello please feel free to get in touch.

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